Become our Brand ambassador

Become our Brand ambassador


Hi mama's, 

We are currently looking for your little one to join our team, if your baby is between new born to 2 years old, and will be interested, please message us directly via Instagram.

What you will receive:

  • Product from our new collection
  • 20% off discount code for you
  • 10% off discount code to share on your social media

What is required:

  • High quality images each month that align with our branding.
  • Engagement with our posts including liking, sharing and commenting.
  • All details will be discussed further with you.

How to entre:

1. Go to our Instagram page to find the post for brand rep search, follow instructions. And we will contacts you with those chosen!

Diversity is the biggest thing we are looking for so all are encourage to apply this search will remain open until we find our team!!

Thank you:)

2. Email us the following:

*Your details (Name, Email and social media details)

*Your baby's name and birthday

*A photo of your bub

Thank you for applying, we look forward to working with you!


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